We aim to contribute to shaping the world where no one is left behind and everybody on earth can live in health and well-being.

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私たちの研究室は、世界のすべての人々の健康とウエルビーイングの向上を目的に、Population Healthの視点から社会実装とアドボカシーのための研究を実施しています。研究対象は幅広く、ミクロレベルでの個々人の健康行動の促進、メゾレベルでの健康の社会的決定要因やコミュニティエンパワーメント、マクロレベルでのヘルスシステムとヘルスサービス提供モデルの構築に焦点を当てています。またグローバルヘルスにおける介入や観察研究を通して、高度な能力を有する学際的かつ国際的な人材の育成に努めております。

We aim to conduct research for both implementation and advocacy from the perspective of Population Health, with the purpose of improving health and well-being of all people in the world. Our researches range from promoting individual healthy behavior at micro-level, social determinants of health and community empowerment at meso -level, and health system and service delivery models at macro-level. We nurture multi-disciplinary and international professionals for advanced competencies to conduct interventions and observational studies in global health.


研究室の紹介記事はこちら(出典:日本WHO協会「目で見るWHO」 No 87, Page 16-17, 2024 URL https://japan-who.or.jp/about-us/library/)

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We seek to consider consistently what we should do from a perspective of global health, aiming for a better society where both humankind and nature can sustainably survive.


Studies of Department of Global Health Research, Juntendo Univ.

現在実施中の研究と事業 / On-going researches & projects

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過去の研究と事業 / Completed researches & projects

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We try to serve as a bridge for education and research of ageing between super ageing Japan
and rapidly ageing countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa.




We visited AIHD, ASEAN Institute for Health Development, Mahidol University and College of Public Health Sciences, Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. The Department of Global Health Research has reached an agreement with them to establish a double degree program that will allow graduate students from both countries to earn degrees in Thailand and Japan, and preparations for this program will continue to be discussed. 



チュラロンコン大学公衆衛生学部の教員と共に  /  With faculty of the College of Public Health Sciences, Chulalongkorn University

マヒドン大学AIHDの教員らと共に  /  With faculty members of AIHD, Mahidol University



The Department of Health Services Support, Ministry of Public Health, which is responsible for the aging of the population in Thailand, and the Department of Global Health Research have signed an MOU. It was promised to accept training by officials of the Ministry of Public Health and to hold joint seminars. Of particular note and honor was the offering of authority to our department to analyze big data covering all 10 million Thai seniors aged 60 and over.



News on the Thai Ministry of Public Health website at the time of MOU signing



With Director General Wisedsak (second from left) and Director Akrapon (left) of the Thai Ministry of Public Health



Five faculty members, including the vice president, and 20 doctoral students from Chiang Mai Rajabhat University in Thailand visited Japan for a training program at Juntendo University and Izunokuni City. The purpose of the program was to develop a sustainable city where the older people can live comfortably. In Izunokuni City, they visited a nursing facility for older adults, a garbage disposal facility, a tourist facility, and the city hall.


伊豆の国市葛城山から富士山を望む            山下正行伊豆の国市長への表敬
View of Mt. Fuji from Mt. Katsuragi, Izunokuni City      Courtesy call on Mayor Masayuki Yamashita of Izunokuni City


科研費による「日本、台湾、韓国における高齢者のスピリチュアルヘルスに関する国際比較研究」と「日本、韓国、中国における大学生のスピリチュアルヘルスに関する国際比較研究」の打ち合わせを行うため、韓国延世大学校のEun Woo Nam教授を訪問しました。Wonju市の保健センターとYeoju市の高齢者福祉センターを視察しました。

We visited Professor Eun Woo Nam of Yonsei University in Korea to discuss an "international comparative study on Spiritual Health among older epople in Japan, Taiwan and Korea" and an "international comparative study on Spiritual Health among university students in Japan, Korea and China" funded by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research. We visited a health center in Wonju City and a welfare center for older people in Yeoju City, South Korea.


韓国延世大学校グローバルヘルスセンターの学生さんと共に                                                               韓国延世大学校のNam教授と共に

With students of the Center for Global Health, Yonsei University, Rebublic of Korea                 With Prof. Nam of Yonsei University, Korea                                                                                               



We visited Dr. Chen-Cheng Yang and Dr. Chia-Ping Lin at Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan to discuss "international comparative study on Spiritual Health among older people in Japan, Taiwan and Korea" funded by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research. We visited Kaohsiung Municipal Siaogang Hospital and a day care service for older adults in Shanwei. 


高雄市立小港醫院で研究者らと共に / With researchers at Kaohsiung Municipal Siaogang Hospital         汕尾社区高齢者デイサービスを見学/ Visiting Shanwei Sha District Elderly Day Care Service

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